Reasons to charter a jet with London Air Services

  • Fly when and where you want to and arrive sooner. The LAS jet charter experience is fast, simple and customizable.
  • Stay productive on our Bombardier jets with ample space to meet and work, audio visual capabilities, WiFi Internet and air to ground Internet telephone (first 10MB of Internet data is free).
  • Fly your way. Relax, work, watch movies, listen to music, or enjoy delicious meals and beverages. This is your flight.
  • Easy Booking. We work with you to arrange all your trip details.
  • Efficient. Board as soon as you arrive. No waits, no line-ups, no hassles.
  • Access your carry-on baggage throughout your flight. On our Challenger 605 access all your baggage throughout the flight.
  • Fast. Fly directly to the airport nearest your destination and avoid hub airports and delays.
  • Hit the ground running. We arrange customs clearance and ground transportation to get you to your destination quickly.

Fine Dining and Refreshments

Enjoy customized catering aboard your LAS charter flight. We source fresh and delicious options through both out partners and your favourite local restaurants. Throughout the fall and winter months, we also offer Relais & Chateaux Chef made meals.

Personal Jet Charter Flights

Fast Flights Mean More Vacation Time. Your vacation begins the moment you step on board. Private and luxurious, this is travel without the anxiety, flight without the delays, and holidays where every second counts. Our crews go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy your trip.

From simple to elegant, many dining options are available on our jet charter flights

take a charter jet to your next holiday destination

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  2. Phone an associate (available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week)

    Tel: +1 (604) 272-8123 OR +1 (877) 399-8123

  3. Email the Client Services team at

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