LAS Bombardier Challenger 605
President & COO, London Air Services

Dylan Thomas, President and Chief Operating Officer

Prior to his promotion to President, Dylan Thomas managed London Air Services Fixed Wing and Rotary divisions as Operations Manager. Dylan joined LAS in 2005 as the Chief Pilot – Helicopter to introduce the AW139 into the LAS fleet and Canada. He is the most experienced AW139 pilot in Canada and acts as a Transport Canada Check Pilot, IFR Pilot Examiner, AW139 Instructor and Agusta Westland Demonstration Pilot.

Dylan began his flying career in the Canadian Air Force in 1991. In the Air Force he gained a broad experience in VFR and IFR flying. Capt. Thomas was selected to fly for the elite Special Operations Flight in support of JTF-2 (Canadian equivalent to US Navy SEALs or UK SAS), and was promoted to Flight Operations Officer of the unit. While in this position he was responsible for the deployment and operations of the Flight on a wide variety of classified counter-terrorism missions.

Following Dylan’s 10 years in the military he returned home to Vancouver. Since 2001 he has been flying in various operations including Corporate, Airline, and Medevac. Dylan has been involved in the management side of these businesses ensuring high standards and fostering a positive safety culture while focusing on the customers varied needs.

Dylan is active in the aviation community and serves on the Board of the Vancouver Harbour Heliport Society and currently is the President of the Whistler Heliport Society.

Matthew Spencer, LAS Operations Manager and Captain

Matthew Spencer, Operations Manager and Captain

Manager of the fixed wing division, Spencer is an Airline rated Captain with over 20 years of flying experience, for 10 of which he was a Training Captain on short to ultra-long-range jets.
He began his aviation career flying turboprop aircraft in Edmonton, Alberta, often flying to remote, technically challenging locations. After 4 years flying with Alta Flights, he re-located to Calgary (2003), where he continued flying the Metroliner 23s and King Air 200s for Sunwest Aviation.

In 2005, Spencer joined LAS as a First Officer. He has since acquired more than 17 years’ experience piloting all fixed wing types of aircraft acquired by the company, including Lear 45s/75s, Challenger 604s/605s and the Global 6000

Spencer has been Operations Manager since 2018, directing fixed wing operations for both charter and management services. An active member of the aviation community, Spencer has an ATPL ratings and is current on the Challenger and Global.

Curtis Murphy, LAS Chief Pilot - Fixed Wing Division

Curtis Murphy, Chief Pilot – Fixed Wing Division

The London Air Services fixed wing pilots and Standards are managed by Curtis Murphy, an experienced aviator with 25 years’ flying experience. Mr. Murphy started his flying career in 1993 when he completed his Private License as a prerequisite for entrance into the Commercial Aviation Program at Okanagan University College in Kelowna. After program completion in Spring of 1996, he worked on the ramp for Kelowna Flightcraft while searching for his first commercial flying job. In May of 1997, Curtis moved his young family to Prince George where he began to work for Northern Thunderbird Air for a period of 1.5 years. Additional experience was gained while flying Medevac for Timberline for 1 year as well as Canada Jet Charters for a period of 3.5 years.

Mr. Murphy joined London Air Services in 2003 as a Learjet First Officer. Curtis quickly progressed to Learjet Captain. In 2008 he was promoted to Manager of Training and Standards. In 2012 Mr. Murphy upgraded to the Challenger 604/605. Curtis has displayed strong leadership in developing and maintaining the LAS standards. He is dedicated to ensuring our pilots meet the highest training standards to ensure that LAS provides the most qualified aircrew to our clients.

Vince Rideout, LAS Director of Maintenance

Vince Rideout, Director of Maintenance

Vincent Rideout manages Aircraft Maintenance for London Air Services. He began his career working with turbo prop and fixed wing aircraft for Pacific Coastal Airlines. After 9 years with Pacific Coastal, he worked for another 5 years as Aircraft Inspector with Sunwest Aviation – during which he operated as Safety Officer for the Vancouver base – and 3 years as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with Blackcomb Aviation.

Joining LAS in 2015, Rideout was quickly promoted to Fixed Wing Production Manager, before occupying his current role as Director of Maintenance.

Rideout’s wide range of experience on airframe, engines and avionics has been invaluable to our effective management of fleet acquisitions and major upgrades over the past decade.

Megan Simpson, LAS Client Services Manager

Megan Simpson, Client Services Manager

With over 25 years of aviation customer service experience, helping people is Megan’s passion.  After several years with Vancouver based FBO “Esso Avitat”, she quickly learned that aviation was in her blood.  London Air Services was fortunate to hire Megan in 2006.

From the first contact with a client to support during a flight itself, Megan ensures all aspects of a booking are seamless.  Her discretion and attention to detail resulted in her promotion to the role of Client Services Manager.  In order to maintain a current knowledge of this complex and evolving industry, Megan attends many training seminars and conferences annually.  In addition to the essential service she provides LAS, Megan also serves as Co-Chair of the Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) Pacific Chapter.