Bombardier Learjet 75

Flying close to the speed of sound and at 51,000 feet, Learjet 75 flies higher and faster than its competition, minimizing your travel time. Our Learjet 75s offer class-leading comfort and features for an outstanding jet charter experience.

Fly to destinations such as: Palm Springs, Scottsdale, San Diego and Toronto.


Continue your workday with a cabin built for performance:

  • Flexible, comfortable seating with ample legroom and headroom
  • 20" work tables
  • 12" forward HD bulkhead monitor and 7" personal touchscreen monitors at nearly every seat
  • Internet and phone connectivity

Room to Relax

In-flight galley allows for premium food service. Full audio/video system with touchscreens at each seat provide entertainment options. Superior cabin pressure and atmospheric control reduces fatigue and dehydration so you arrive rested.


Bombardier Learjets are synonymous with the very best corporate aircraft. This aircraft is built for safety:

  • Double-redundant Environmental Control System
  • Triple-redundant Hydraulic System
  • Quadruple-redundant AC Electrical System
  • Jam-proof Flight Controls
  • Damage Tolerant Structure

Features at a glance


2,600 Statute Miles


0.81 Mach


51,000 feet