LAS COVID Response

As of October 31st 2021 proof of COVID 19 vaccination must be shown for all air passengers, 12 years and 4 months or older, flying on a domestic, transborder or international flights. All passengers (with very few exceptions) will be required to show proof of vaccination prior to boarding our aircraft.

Be confident in the knowledge that LAS is taking all available precautions to protect clients and staff from the novel coronavirus. This evolving situation is being monitored daily and precautions are updated as new information becomes available.

All LAS staff are fully vaccinated and follow the World Health Organization’s best practices guidelines, such as frequent hand washing, social distancing and are staying at home if they are feeling unwell.

Our typical comprehensive aircraft cleaning has been augmented with Bombardier’s recently published Advisory Wire that provides several additional recommended procedures to follow. Aircraft are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by trained staff after every trip with strict adherence to the latest guidelines. After every cleaning, a certificate is issued and left onboard providing assurance that the correct procedures have been followed.

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of our offices and maintenance facilities have also been increased.

We also do a health assessment of all air travelers before they board a London Air aircraft. This includes asking health questions, looking for visible signs of illness prior to boarding, and possibly referring the traveler for a further medical assessment. In the event a traveler presents COVID-19 symptoms, LAS is required to refuse the passenger boarding for a period of 14 days, or until a medical certificate is presented confirming the patient does not carry the virus. All travelers must have a removable face covering or non-medical mask to cover their mouth and nose for use through the airport and in-flight to prevent the inadvertent spread of COVID-19 through respiratory droplets.

While this is not a new development you may take comfort in the fact that cabin air in LAS aircraft is completely replaced with outside air every few minutes. The fresh outside air passes through a cabin air filter prior to entering the cabin, ensuring a clean environment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, we will be more than happy to provide further clarification.