Business in Vancouver: Up, Up and Away

London Drugs president Wynne Powell’s travel schedule had him making five stops in one day for management meetings around B.C. and Alberta. ‘I did all my meetings and I was back home that night,’ he said of his journey to Prince George, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Calgary. That’s the perk that comes with being president of London Air Services, a charter airline owned by London Drugs.

“Can you imaging trying to do that same journey, waiting around hubs for connections?” he asked. “It’s a three-day journey.”

As Powell recounted his journey, he explained that one of London Air’s clients was on a similar four-stop trip. But Powell declines to name any clients, explaining that some feel safer when no one knows their travel itinerary, and others simply do not want to promote the image of extravagance commonly associated with charter-jet travel.

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